Branch History

AAUW History

Marion Talbot and Ellen H. Richards invited fifteen alumnae of eight colleges to a November 28, 1881 meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Here they discussed forming an organization that would broaden women’s opportunities for higher education. The organization became known as the American Association for University Women (AAUW), and has helped thousands of women through grants, scholarships and personal enrichment.


Escanaba Branch Beginnings

The first informational meeting was held in October 1972 at the home of Maggie Lindholm.  Charter list of branch members included 24 names.

January 8, 1973 – Recognized by AAUWMI Board

January 30, 1973 – Branch Bylaws Drafted

May 14, 1973 – Recognized by National AAUW Board

May 24, 1973 – Branch Recognition Dinner

                             Branch Presidential History

1973-75: Jean Jokipii                      1975-76: Stephanie Aartila   

1976-78:  Kathleen Bennett           1978-80: Cynthia Blahnik

1980-82: Susan Hampton                1982-84: Ann Kennedy

1984-86: Susan Harris                     1986-88: Martha Carlyon

1988-90: Judith Jensen                  1990-92: Kathryn Flagstadt

1992-94: Joan Kituik                        1994-96: Jean Jokipii

1996-98: Sandra Anderson             1998-00: Laura Robinson

2000-02: Deb Trombly                      2002-04: Lori Seawright

2004-06: Lin Dehlin                          2006-09: No President

2009-11: Susan Hampton                2011-13: Susan Peterson

L-R: S.Aartila, J.Jensen, C.Blahnik, S.Anderson, K.Flagstadt, S.Hampton, M.Carlyon